Academia Romana

Activities of the members of the
Commission for Science and Technology of Microsystems (DTMS)

Coordinated by the Section for Information Science and Techology, (in Romanian)

of the Romanian Academy, (in Romanian)

With the support of the Association for Generic and Industrial Technologies
(ASTEGI), (in Romanian)

Commission for Science and Technology of Microsystems

·        General activities of the STMS Commission: (in Romanian)

- Special activities related to Key Enabling Technologies (Tehnologii generice esențiale, in Romanian), see

·        Activities of the extended working group Forum of the Romanians in Micro- and Nanoelectronis, see

·        Organizing the National Seminar for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (Seminarul Național de Nanoștiință și Nanotehnologie), see (in Romanian)

·        Publishing the Micro- and Nanoengineering series of volumes (Publishing House of the Romanian Academy). The volumes (in English) are available on-line on

Supplementary information:
·        Some members of the STMS Commission are also active in the Editorial Board of Romanian Journal of Information Science and Technology (ROMJIST), printed by the Romanian Academy and publishing papers in the field of the STMS (among other subdomains of ICT). This publication (in English) is freely available on-line, at

See for the Romanian version.