Academia Romana

Commission for Science and Technology of Microsystems (DTMS)

Comisia de ?tiin?a ?i Tehnologia Micro-Sistemelor (STMS)


The STMS/DTMS Commission of the Romanian Academy,, intends to publish an English version of a history of Romanian School of Micro- and Nanoelectronics (Publishing House of the Romanian Academy, 2018). The original book (in Romanian) is available here.

We are displaying here a few chapters available in the English version,

Chapter 3, dedicated to IPRS is available here in an extended version (not for printing).

Chapter 4, dedicated ICCE (Dr. Marius Bazu) is available here.

Chapter 7, about nuclear microelectronics (Dr. Gheorghe Pascovici) can be found here.

Chapter 9 of the Romanian version contains the biography of the following personalities. For some of them (in bold) you have already the English version

Sorin Cristoloveanu

Andreas Wild

Andrei Vladimirescu

Mircea Dusa

Viorel Banu

Sorin Voinigescu

Adrian Ionescu

Florin Udrea

Sorin Melinte

Daniel Lapadatu

Chapter 10 is a summary about the status of the domain and the perspectives of development in Romania (Dr. Andreas Wild) and it is displayed here.

Supplement. A condensed form of this history can be found (pp 1-116) as Chapter 1, Micro- and nanoelectronics (Dan Dascalu) of the book Science and technology of information in Romania (coordinated by Florin Gheorghe Filip), a volume in Romanian, published by the Romanian Academy in 2018. You can found this Chapter 1 here.

The English version of this book should also appear in Publishing House of the Romanian Academy. The constraints for its volume are, however, extremely severe. The preliminary form of the first Chapter (Micro- and Nanoelectronics) in this shortened form in English was prepared by Dan Dascalu, and it is available here.